Customer Experience
February 13, 2019

"Best in show" for energy savings

Helping people, communities and businesses realize real energy efficiency savings

Saving energy through improving efficiency is like The Little Engine That Could –it just keeps chugging away and making a difference every day, adding up to significant savings over time.

Recently, five Xcel Energy programs were recognized by The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) as some of the best in the country for their effectiveness and innovation in helping customers achieve higher levels of energy efficiency.

A wide appeal

These winning programs span a diverse group of categories that include low income, residential, small commercial, new construction and utility partnerships.

The Colorado Low-Income Program

This offers income-qualified residents and nonprofit building owners energy-efficiency assistance from program partner and implementer, Energy Outreach Colorado. The program leverages collaborative efforts, allowing Xcel Energy to serve a wide range of customers across the state.

Partners in Energy

This program operates in Colorado and Minnesota to provide free support over a two-year period to help communities develop energy action plans to meet their unique needs and goals. Plans typically include marketing, customer awareness efforts, and implementation.  Watch this short video.


Minnesota Home Energy Squad

This matches homeowners with an energy-efficiency expert to identify energy-saving opportunities in their home and install high-efficiency measures in a single visit. Learn more here.

Minnesota One-Stop Efficiency Shop

This innovative approach helps small business customers by delivering full-service lighting and rooftop air handling unit upgrades.

Colorado Energy Design Assistance

This program works with companies in the design phase of new construction or renovation projects to build energy-efficiency measures into the building from the ground up.

“These programs are delivering energy savings that help customers reduce their costs and maintain comfortable, durable, safe homes and productive businesses. They also make an important environmental contribution by reducing pollution from the use of fossil fuels,” said Rachel Gold, ACEEE’s Utilities Program senior manager.

“Our programs are all about saving energy to help our customers keep their bills low and to help Xcel Energy achieve its vision to serve customers with zero-carbon electricity by 2050,” says Karen Rhodes, Xcel Energy director of Customer Solutions.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is a nonprofit research group based in Washington, D.C.

For more information on Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency programs and rebates, visit here.