Operational Excellence
January 21, 2020

A subscription to power your car?

Get charged up for one low, flat monthly price

It started with newspapers. Buy for the year and get daily delivery. Today, you can subscribe to just about anything—razors, gluten-free food, pet supplies, or even toilet paper. As people today put ever more value on convenience, the new subscription model is growing in popularity. Now, Xcel Energy customers can even get a subscription on their electric service to power their electric vehicles.

A new, two-year pilot program in Minnesota makes it easier and more affordable to own and charge an electric vehicle. Pilot participants will get a new Level 2 charger installed hassle-free, and unlimited charging on nights (9 p.m. to 9 a.m.) and weekends. Flat monthly subscription prices range from about $33 a month to about $44 a month, depending on whether the customer rents the charging equipment or purchases it upfront. They will only pay that amount each month, regardless of how much they charge their vehicle overnight.

Enroll at a participating dealer near you

The pilot program is open to 100 Xcel Energy customers. Visit a participating auto dealer to learn more and begin the application process. For more information, visit xcelenergy.com/EVSubscriptionPilot

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