Operational Excellence
March 15, 2024

Building the 21st-century economy: Xcel Energy to power new Meta data center

Xcel Energy shares Meta’s vision for carbon-free future and local investment

As a national leader in the clean energy transition, Xcel Energy is proud to work with Meta, the global technology company that owns Facebook and Instagram, to power Meta’s new data center in Rosemount, Minnesota. The 715,000-square foot facility will support Meta’s artificial intelligence (AI) workloads and connect people, communities and businesses around the world.
At an announcement event on March 14, 2024, attended by state and local officials, community leaders and representatives from Xcel Energy, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz emphasized “a future leaning towards clean energy, towards data and towards innovation.”  
“We understand that Minnesotans benefit when industry leaders choose their communities as the place to locate their facilities, and we are excited to provide the energy Meta needs to power its new data center,” said Ryan Long, president, Xcel Energy – Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. “We also share Meta’s vision of a carbon-free future, which is why we are helping them reach their goal of 100% renewable energy for their operations.” 

Data centers like the new Meta facility are the infrastructure backbone of the 21st century economy: Everything that uses the internet — from the cars we drive to businesses that manufacture, create, and sell goods and services — requires data centers to work. And since these centers run 24/7, all year long, powering them with renewable energy makes a big impact. Meta has committed to running its data center on 100% renewable energy through a combination of renewable energy provided by Xcel Energy and by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) on the market. 
“The electricity we supply to our Minnesota customers is already 41% renewable and about 70% carbon-free,” said Long. “We are continuing to explore renewable energy programs at a scale needed to support large energy users like Meta, and we continue to add renewables to our system.” 

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz welcomed Meta and its new data center at an announcement event on March 14, 2024.

In addition to providing reliable, affordable service, Xcel Energy is committed to investing in economic development to help the communities we serve become stronger and more vibrant. The Meta data center will represent an investment of more than $800 million in the local economy and will support approximately 1,000 jobs during construction as well as 100 jobs once completed.  

Meta is also working with Xcel Energy to bring energy upgrades to UMore Park, the site of the new data center, including new transmission lines. These upgrades and extensions to serve the data center are paid for by Meta — not spread out as a cost to our other customers. Adding new industrial customers to the grid can also allow us to use our system more efficiently, spreading fixed costs such as infrastructure maintenance across a larger number of customers and lowering individual bills for all customers. 

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has already approved the agreement between Xcel Energy and Meta to supply power to the site – including a provision that Meta will contribute to Xcel's diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs, making monthly contributions based on their energy use. The data center is estimated to open in late summer of 2025.