Environmental Leadership
June 22, 2022

Clean energy careers appeal to wide range of workers

Clean energy careers are taking hold in the economy. And with new technologies constantly evolving in this critical job sector, there’s plenty to be optimistic about, no matter the stage of your career:  
  • For high schoolers, considering a clean energy job can mean the potential to experience specialty training programs focused on specific job roles. With internships and apprenticeships, these young workers can partake in an earn-while-you-learn opportunity. This can be a smart way to get a feel for a career path. Plus, many roles do not require the education commitment of a four-year college. There is a broad mix of starter clean energy jobs available. And there are ample options to grow your career with advancements. 
  • For newer workers wanting to upgrade their roles, a transition to a clean energy career can mean the opportunity to acquire new skills or transfer current skills into new settings. Again, internships and apprenticeships can offer that hands-on learning that equips workers with the tangible skills today’s workplace is demanding. 
  • For more experienced workers, they can often transfer their established skills and capabilities into clean energy careers. The industry values these experienced workers with proven abilities. It’s why it has re-skilling opportunities available to help facilitate meaningful career transformations.  
Watch a series of videos highlighting the different pathways to clean energy careers. These videos feature stories from Wisconsin, and include a pair of Xcel Energy employees in one segment titled “Clean Energy Careers in Hydropower. 
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