Environmental Leadership
February 23, 2023

Earning a spot on the SEPA leaderboard

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has named Xcel Energy to its 2023 Utility Transformational Leaderboard in recognition of the company’s progress toward a modern, carbon-free power sector.

For nearly two decades, Xcel Energy has steadily increased the use of clean energy sources and other advanced technologies, cutting its carbon emissions by more than half while maintaining service reliability and keeping costs as low as possible for customers. The company’s innovative programs, collaborative processes and transformative leadership place it among the top utilities leading the transition to a carbon-free electricity system.

“We applaud Xcel Energy for progressing its clean energy transition and paving the way for those just beginning the journey,” said SEPA president and chief executive officer Sheri Givens. “Transforming our indispensable and vital electricity system to a modern, equitable, carbon-free one will require SEPA, our members and numerous stakeholders across the industry to collaborate and share solutions to tackle the myriad challenges ahead.”

Over the past year, SEPA collaborated with more than 100 individual utilities across 41 states to develop its 2023 Utility Transformation Profile, which provides unique insights and recommendations that all utilities can use to accelerate their transition to carbon-free energy. The 12 utilities, including Xcel Energy, recognized through the leaderboard demonstrate the greatest progress and leadership across four dimensions, including:
  • Providing carbon-free energy, including demand side management and energy efficiency.
  • Using operational expertise to navigate the clean energy transition and pursue strategic solutions.
  • Integrating clean energy in ways that balance grid flexibility, reliability, resiliency, efficiency and affordability.
  • Empowering customers and other stakeholders to participate in the clean energy transition through programs and engagement.
SEPA launched the Utility Transformation Challenge in 2019 as the first comprehensive, honest assessment of U.S. electric utilities’ progress toward a carbon-free electricity system. The organization helps electric power stakeholders accelerate the transformation to a carbon-free electricity sector. Through educational content, working groups, peer-to-peer engagements and custom projects, SEPA facilitates collaboration, develops innovative strategies and raises awareness of actionable solutions.