Operational Excellence
May 27, 2019

Employees make safety pledge to their families

“Safety Promise” video series reveals profound meaning behind daily work routines

Safety is a way of life for utility workers. After all, it’s serious work, often in hazardous conditions. It goes with the job.

And because of that, safety training, processes and procedures are a daily habit for Xcel Energy employees. That includes lots of pre-job briefings, best practices, job hazard analyses and personal protective equipment.

While routine like this is vital to getting the job done safely, there’s a higher calling involved. One that’s highlighted in a new employee-facing video series entitled, “Safety Promise.”

Watch a highlight reel of the Safety Promise by clicking on the photo above or here.

“It’s about self-motivation,” mentions Gary Lakey, vice president, Safety and Workforce Relations. “While our safety improvements have been remarkable, they had stalled a bit in recent years. We were looking for a new way to keep our employees engaged around safety. This approach shines a bright light on the main reason we all want to work safely – so we can go home to our loved ones at the end of the day.”

Beyond just writing it down

There’s an adage that states if you genuinely want to commit to a goal, write it down. This practice adds an aspect of personal investment to a particular goal or mission. When you see something written down, or in today’s world captured on video, you can continually rally around it.

The “Safety Promise” video series allows spouses and family members to make a special safety request of their loved one on video, and then offers employees the opportunity to respond with a promise to stay safe. The results are very powerful.

Watch the “Safety Promise” highlight reel here, and consider what your safety promise would be.

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