Operational Excellence
August 20, 2018

Giving your boss a lift after hours?

Xcel Energy employees partake in unique military service support program

How awkward would it be to give one of the company bosses a lift while driving for your side gig? Rob Bingham, Corporate Giving representative at Xcel Energy, recently had this opportunity when he gave a ride to Jerome Davis, regional vice president, Xcel Energy Colorado.

The twist is that Bingham’s side job isn’t with a ride-sharing service like Lyft or Uber. He’s a Blackhawk helicopter pilot for the Army National Guard. Davis caught a lift on First Lieutenant Bingham’s chopper courtesy of the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve’s) Boss Lift, a military service support program. The Boss Lift program provides employers the opportunity to understand better what their employees do while they are away from their civilian jobs for military service.

Rob Bingham, Corporate Giving representative at Xcel Energy,
poses with Jerome Davis, regional vice president, Xcel Energy Colorado.

“This program provides great perspectives on the challenges our service members face and the complexity of Rob’s job as a pilot,” Davis said. “It gave me a sense of pride to see one of our own, a fellow employee, doing this important work of keeping us safe at home. I would encourage anyone in leadership who has a chance to give this military service support program a try.”

The mission of Facebook a US Defense Department agency is to help employers support and value their employees who are Guard and Reserve members.

A better understanding of needs

“I have a greater appreciation for the challenges our Guard and Reserve employees have in transitioning from their military jobs to their civilian jobs,” Davis said. “They have a lot to worry about, with concerns about their families back home and how being away might impact their employment. I’m proud that Xcel Energy has such a strong commitment to military service members.”

Davis sat in the Blackhawk pilot’s seat before takeoff.
It’s amazing, there are hundreds of buttons, I thought ‘How do you ever learn to fly this thing?

As part of the Boss Lift military service support program, the two flew around downtown Denver and saw all the local sports stadiums and Xcel Energy’s office tower in downtown. The flight finished off with some maneuvers east of Buckley Air Force Base.

Connecting with military service members with activities like the Boss Lift program is just part of the commitment Xcel Energy has as a military-friendly company. Learn how veterans and active duty members are leveraging their military experience into promising careers at Xcel Energy