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August 26, 2020

Got electric vehicle questions?

Get real answers from real people.

Electric vehicles are winning over more drivers each day. Buying an EV can be different than a typical car purchase, requiring a bit more research and learning. When drivers fully understand EV driving benefits, they not only purchase but say they'll never go back to a gas-powered car.

Driving EVs in your town

Like many of your fellow EV curious, you may be wondering what it’s like to own or lease an EV and drive electric every day:

  • Are EVs difficult to charge?
  • Are there hidden costs to the technology?
  • What about driving in snow, heat, or the mountains?
  • What rebates or tax incentives can save me money by driving an EV?
  • Are there SUVs and All-Wheel Drive models available?
  • With so much information, where do I begin?

New webinars designed to answer your EV driving questions

Join Denver Metro Clean Cities, Fresh Energy, Shift2Electric, and The American Lung Association for free, educational webinars. The variety of webinars will be geared toward Minnesota and Colorado drivers, but most of the information will be relevant to all drivers and EV shoppers.

EV 101 & Test Drive Challenge

Sept. 2, 6:30 pm CT - Electric Vehicles 101 and Test Drive Challenge

Click here to register for the Minnesota Sept. 2 webinar today! 

 You’ll virtually “kick the tires” of some electric vehicles, discuss the health and climate impacts of driving electric, and review how to complete safe test drives for a shot to win some great prizes!

Participants will leave the meeting equipped to make an informed decision about their next vehicle with a comprehensive comparison list of all makes and models available today. The discussion will include:

  • Electric technology advances.
  • Benefits of going electric.
  • How to choose the right electric car for your household.
  • Cost savings of driving electric.
  • EV Test Drive Contest.
  • Your questions

Electric Vehicles in Minnesota? You betcha! - Candid conversations with EV owners

Sept. 17 or Oct. 1 at 6:30 pm CT - Electric Vehicles in Minnesota? You betcha! Candid conversations with EV owners

Click here to register for the Sept. 17 webinar today! 

Click here to register for the Oct. 1 webinar today!

Have an honest conversation with real EV owners about EV technology, models available, advancements, emissions impacts, the realities of charging, and more.

The panel of EV owners from around the state will tell you what it is like to own, charge, and drive electric in Minnesota. You will also have an opportunity to get your burning questions answered during a fast-paced Q&A segment.

The types of insights you’ll hear from EV owners:

 “I love the heated steering wheel, the surprising roominess, and cruise control!”

 "My favorite thing is how smooth it feels, how quiet it is when driving electric.”

Electric Cars in Colorado  

Sept. 30 at 6:30 pm MT - Electric Cars in Colorado-- Candid conversations with EV owners

Register for the Colorado Sept. 30 webinar today! 

Join us for this fun and engaging EV 101 workshop where we will learn about:

  • EVs 101 – find out what makes electric cars a great option for drivers in Colorado
  • EV Line-up – Find out what electric cars are available in Colorado and general specs of each
  • EV Charging – learn what EV charging is like and what you can expect from different charging situations
  • Tax Credits and other Incentives – not only can you save money by not buying gasoline, you can also save on your taxes with many EVs
  • EV Drivers Perspectives – talk with real people who have been driving EVs for years to find the ins and outs of driving electric

Virtual EV Ride & Drive 

Oct. 3, 2020 at 9 a.m. MT – Virtual EV Ride & Drive

Register for the Colorado Oct. 3 webinar today!

Join us for this interactive online ride and drive as part of the National Drive Electric Week.

Tune in to learn about EVs driven by people around Colorado and get your questions about what it’s like to drive an EV answered by EV drivers

Learn more about current EV deals, rebates, and federal and state incentives.

As you’re considering an EV purchase, remember - you can get special rebates and savings just for being an Xcel Energy customer. Don’t wait to check out these limited-time deals and see how much you can save when you combine with tax incentives.

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