Operational Excellence
August 22, 2023

Introducing our new wind- and solar-powered renewable energy programs

Xcel Energy customers benefit from low-cost renewable energy choices

As of July 2023, Xcel Energy customers have access to more renewable energy offerings that assist both in maintaining manageable costs and working toward a carbon-free future. Thanks to the momentum of our sustainability-minded customers in recent years, the shift toward clean energy is accelerating, and Xcel Energy is leading the way with several new and improved programs:  

Renewable Battery Connect: When our customers install a new qualifying solar-charged battery and enroll in Renewable Battery Connect, Xcel Energy will automatically manage their solar-charged battery during periods of peak demand up to 60 times per year. Using their battery during control events reduces energy use, which in turn reduces demand and helps stabilize the electric grid when it is stressed. Participants receive an upfront incentive of $500 per kW of storage capacity, and an annual participation incentive. Income qualified customers and customers in disproportionately impacted communities are eligible for additional upfront incentives. Learn more via our website.  
Renewable*Connect Flex: To help further cost savings, we have transitioned our Colorado Windsource customers to Renewable*Connect Flex and opened enrollment to all customers. The energy resources from wind and solar are lower in cost than Windsource at only $1 per block, so a household can power their home for as little as the cost of a latte per month. This merger of wind and solar allows customers to diversify their energy mix and meet renewable energy goals without upfront equipment installation costs. This easy-to-enroll subscription program is available for all customers. Learn more via our website
Renewable*Connect Legacy: The Renewable*Connect Legacy program is a longer-term contract option that offers customers energy options generated from solar renewable energy sources. The program is currently filled, but we continue to keep a waitlist open. Visit our website and complete our waitlist form to be contacted when resources become available. In the meantime, we encourage customers to check out our new Renewable*Connect Flex option for wind- and solar-powered energy. 


Renewable*Connect Flex: Beginning Sept. 15, Windsource customers will also be transitioned to Renewable*Connect Flex in Minnesota. Customers seeking a no-hassle renewable energy subscription to power their homes and businesses can enroll in a few easy steps with no equipment installation necessary. Sourced from wind and solar, this month-to-month contract option joins the Renewable*Connect longer-term contract option. Online enrollments open on Sept. 15. 

Renewable*Connect Legacy: Enrollment for the legacy program reopens in September for customers seeking a longer-term contract option. There are a limited number of openings in the program, and registration will continue until all spots are filled.  To request more information about enrollment, contact us at RenewableConnectMN@xcelenergy.com

New Mexico: 

Renewable*Connect is expanding to New Mexico for the first time. This recently proposed offering will create an option for large commercial & industrial customers that would like to claim Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to tap into solar energy resources.  RECs represent the green attributes of renewable energy, with each REC certifying the generation of one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy. More information can be found on xcelenergy.com.