Environmental Leadership
June 12, 2024

Our 2023 Sustainability Report: How we’re going beyond energy

Report demonstrates Xcel Energy’s commitment to people, places and the planet

Delivering reliable, safe, clean energy is essential to achieving our vision to be a net-zero energy company by 2050. Helping our communities and customers reach their energy goals is, too.  
We marked the five-year anniversary of our clean energy commitment in December of last year. In 2018, we were the first U.S. energy provider with the goal of delivering 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. We’re also the first to add our net-zero goal for natural gas use in buildings and zero-carbon transportation goal — covering three areas that represent the most significant ways our customers use energy. And we will do this responsibly by fulfilling our customers’ priorities, such as maintaining reliable, secure energy service while keeping their energy bills as low as possible. In addition, we’re driving positive change for the people and places we serve.  
See how we’re making steady progress toward our goals in our newly released 2023 Sustainability Report.  
In 2023, we: 
  • Cut carbon emissions 54% from the electricity serving our customers since 2005 and are implementing groundbreaking resource plans expected to achieve our 80% carbon reduction goal by 2030. Beyond carbon, we also significantly reduced emissions and environmental impacts from other sources, such as mercury and sulfur dioxide. 
  • Retired the first of three units at our Sherburne County Generating Station while simultaneously building the largest solar facility in the Midwest at the site.  
  • Broke ground on Colorado’s Power Pathway, a $1.7 billion transmission superhighway across the Eastern Plains of Colorado. 
  • Spent $1.3 billion with small and diverse suppliers; 63% of our supply chain was spent locally. 
  • Donated $15.3 million to help local communities. Employees and retirees also volunteered 93,000 hours, making a $2.9 million economic impact across the eight states we serve.  
  • Provided $187 million in energy and affordability assistance to 188,000 families. 
  • Had 31% female representation on our board of directors; we also increased female representation among senior leadership.
“At its core, our vision is about sustainability, energy security and economic prosperity,” said Bob Frenzel, Xcel Energy’s chairman, president and CEO.
From leading the clean energy transition and operating with integrity, to valuing people and strengthening communities, our Sustainability Report covers all areas in which we are committed to sustainability.
"Whether through our responsible clean energy vision, our focus on our people or our commitment to our values, Xcel Energy is redefining sustainability,” said Frank Prager, SVP, Strategy and External Affairs and chief sustainability officer. 

Our annual Sustainability Report reflects our efforts around environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic vitality by outlining our progress toward sustainable practices. It also demonstrates our commitment to transparency and fosters accountability.   
Explore the report and learn more about our sustainability strategy on our website.