Community Commitment
April 9, 2024

RED Truck revs up: Resources and solutions delivered to customers

After a successful first year, the RED Truck is heading into more communities in 2024

Xcel Energy is committed to empowering our customers, neighbors, families and friends to make the best choices for their energy needs. Our Resources. Education. Delivered. (RED) Truck launched in 2023 to deliver information and solutions directly to our customers. More than just a vehicle, the RED Truck serves as a mobile hub of knowledge that fosters education, engagement and a deeper connection with our communities. 

The RED Truck pairs customers with a qualified Xcel Energy personal account representative (PAR) who can provide on-the-spot help with account questions. Our PARs work with RED Truck visitors to resolve billing concerns, help them enroll in energy saving programs, walk through their bills line by line, help increase their energy engagement and provide energy assistance for those who need it most. Deploying this mobile hub of knowledge and resources directly into communities has created greater accessibility, responsiveness and customer-centricity.  

"By connecting with our customers where they live, work and play, the RED Truck ensures their voices are heard and their needs are met, aligning with our mission to deliver safe, reliable and affordable service," said Robert Kenney, president, Xcel Energy – Colorado. "The RED Truck initiative lets our customers know they can rely on us to be where they need us to answer questions and provide support." 

The RED Truck launched in Colorado in spring of 2023. Since then, its footprint has already expanded throughout the Colorado Front Range and beyond, including a recent trip to the Texas Panhandle as part of Xcel Energy’s response to the wildfires. On March 11, the call came in from Amarillo community leaders to assist with a major effort to help those impacted, and the team immediately started to work on gathering the staffers to get the RED Truck to Texas.  

At a community fair on March 14 in Stinnett, Texas, the RED Truck assisted families with information on our claims process and customer billing, discussed the rebuilding process and extended our sympathy and support for those affected by the wildfires. The next day, the RED Truck with a team of PARs and Customer Care representatives headed to Fritch, Texas, to help with on-site customer support related to billing arrangements and ending service.  

Staffed with our energy experts, the Resources. Education. Delivered. (RED) Truck traveled to Texas to assist customers after the Texas Panhandle wildfires. 

“Some of the responses from the community were, ‘I didn’t even think to final my bill, thank you for taking care of that,’ and ‘Thank you for being here, I didn’t know how or where to start with rebuilding,’” said Brenda Cross, a call center supervisor in Amarillo. 

In an age of rapid environmental change and growing energy demand, the need for education, innovation and collaboration has never been greater. With the RED Truck, we’re addressing these challenges head-on, empowering communities with knowledge, resources and inspiration to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come. As the RED Truck continues its journey across communities, we’ll keep our customers up to date on how we’re building the energy future together. Colorado residents can visit to find the RED Truck at an event near you.