Operational Excellence
November 7, 2019

Veterans find a full range of support at Xcel Energy

Valued for service and skills

When you listen to Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke talk about military veterans, he gets right to the point: “Veterans bring all the right stuff to the job: leadership, teamwork, and dedication – a commitment to excellence and service that companies like ours count on to be successful.”

About 10 percent of Xcel Energy’s 11,000 employees are veterans, reservists, and National Guard service members. We are proud to support nearly a dozen projects and programs for veterans and active-military employees, including:

 Serving our Troops – support of our active military

As troops deploy to active engagement areas around the world, an entire community of families, relatives, friends, and co-workers are left behind. Serving our Troops was formed by community and business leaders to support those who put themselves in harm’s way. They provide a steak dinner for Minnesota National Guard active troops in the field. During the meal, soldiers are linked via satellite to their families at home, who are also enjoying a steak dinner. Since 2004,12 projects have served nearly 100,000 steaks and connected soldiers and their loved ones around the world. Watch a short video.


Beyond the Uniform – helping military Veterans navigate their civilian careers.

Helping soldiers transition to life following duty is an essential part of supporting veterans.  It’s why Xcel Energy collaborated with Beyond the Uniform, an organization providing on-demand career resources for Veterans free of charge.

 Listen to a recent success story highlighting Shannon Gregory. In this episode of the Beyond the Uniform podcast, Shannon shares his journey from the Marines to Army National Guard to the business world, acquiring his MBA and his current role as an enterprise resilience program manager at Xcel Energy. He shares insights on resumes, networking, and even the reality of post-service depression. 

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon – a connection to vital resources. 

 Xcel Energy strives to be an employer of choice for military veterans. Currently, more than 1,000 vets work at Xcel Energy, and that number keeps growing. We are proud to be one of Minnesota’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon companies, a comprehensive program that creates awareness so service members and their families can connect with community support, training services, and resources. Our involvement and support of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon formalizes our status as a leading military-friendly organization.

Boss Lift – what a day in service is really like

The Boss Lift program, created by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve effort, provides employers a better understanding of what their employees do when away from their civilian jobs for military service. This unique event lets Reserve military members show their bosses what a day in service feels like by setting up an airlift experience.

 Xcel Energy has been part of the Boss Lift program for several years with airlift experiences in Colorado and Minnesota.

MOVE Challenge Coins – a military tradition carried on in the workplace

 Xcel Energy also works hard to make sure veterans feel welcome once they’ve joined the company. MOVE (Military Ombudsmen for Veterans and Employees) is an Xcel Energy business resource group that provides mentorship and networking opportunities for veterans. The group presents challenge coins to veterans each Veterans Day to recognize their service at the company. Challenge coins are a military tradition originally used to prove membership in a military unit when challenged to identify oneself. The coins are now frequently given to recognize achievements. 

Long-term, deep commitment

 Why such an emphasis on veterans and active duty and reserve service people? We value those who sacrifice for our country and owe them a great deal of gratitude. Also, it’s just smart to hire these highly skilled and capable employees. Plus, we provide outstanding benefits related to their service. We welcome all service members, and we thank you for your service.