Customer Experience
September 14, 2018

We make renewable energy options simple.

If you’re exploring renewable energy options, we can help you find the right fit in just 30 seconds. By answering a few questions through our Renewable Advisor online tool, we’ll show you the best renewable options that fit your lifestyle.

For every person who uses the advisor tool the first week in October, Xcel Energy will donate a dollar to plant trees*. It’s all part of our effort to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment. After all, new trees are an effective, all-natural way of removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Xcel Energy is a leader in reducing carbon emissions, as a national leader in wind energy for more than a decade. In fact, 40 percent of our energy is carbon-free today, and we’ll be more than 60 percent carbon-free by 2022, thanks to growth in wind and solar on our system.

* Donation will be up to $3,000 each in Minnesota and Colorado

Below is a visual sample of the tool.