Operational Excellence
April 3, 2019

Why interns are so important to Xcel Energy

Interns launch their careers while new thinking gets shared company-wide

With unemployment rates at record low levels, a massive number of baby boomers retiring from the workforce and new technology creating automation opportunities for more and more tasks; the workplace is a new kind of place. In fact, many of today’s jobs didn’t exist five or ten years ago, and many new titles will be coming to a company or organization near you.

So why do interns play an essential role? At Xcel Energy, it’s a two-way street because both interns and the company benefit, here’s how.

For Xcel Energy: The value of fresh thinking

Our company gets fresh perspectives from future-minded youth. As the energy business becomes more competitive, it’s critical to stay on-trend with the needs and desires of the upcoming generation.

Interns also bring an untainted perspective to our organization. We appreciate the fact they are often more willing to look beyond the established status quo.

Tech-savvy skills

Today’s high schoolers and college-age kids are in essence the first fully digital generation. They’ve only known digital, and they are leading this wave into the future. Their presence helps us better understand and leverage new technology and emerging social media platforms.

It’s like a test drive.

Matching people with jobs is never an easy task. So having a trial time benefits both the intern and the manager. By test driving, a real feel for a job can be attained.

More viewpoints

With a wider variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds coming into the workforce, diversity has many advantages. Today diversity means there’s more to share; there are better inclusion opportunities and more ways to answer to the needs of our of our changing customer base.
For an intern: An opportunity to empower their future

The reason so many of our interns stay on with Xcel Energy is simple. Internships work. We’ve made it a priority to help our interns get the most from the experience. So why should potential interns apply?


There is no better way to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, than being in a working environment. An internship can also be a fantastic way to grow.

Real life in real time

Transitioning to the real world from college or school can be confusing and overwhelming. But internships are designed to bring young people in slowly and with guidance and support. Working real time in a real-world environment with added support is a high-value experience that can help a young career take flight.

Gets them networking

Once interns are in the real working world, it becomes much easier and meaningful for them to make connections and learn to grow their network. Suddenly an intern’s range of support and reach is exponentially expanded.

Essential for any resume

Most employers want to see real working experience. And that step from newbie to employee is challenging. An internship bridges that gap and brings working experience to the resume and more importantly, the individual’s self-esteem.

A Win-Win

We treasure our interns because they add value to our company in so many ways. We also find great joy in helping launch many new careers. You can learn more about Xcel Energy internships here.