Customer Experience
July 20, 2020

Wisconsin going virtual with free business visits.

Discovering energy savings from a safe distance

One thing is certain. Back to business is not business as usual. New circumstances require new actions. And we’re all learning as we go.   

As businesses reopen, reconfigure and even restructure how they run, they may be looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. To safely assist them, Xcel Energy is offering free virtual energy visits that comply with health and safety guidelines introduced during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Adapting to the COVID-19 reality

Before March of this year, Xcel Energy team members would visit on-site with businesses to discuss energy efficiency projects. Due to COVID-19, the company had to develop new ways to provide services, so they leveraged today’s smartphone technology. During the remote discussion with business owners, Xcel Energy Mid-Market team members identify the most cost-effective opportunities for energy savings. They share the possible rebates available from Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy. Plus, they offer advice for future potential projects for saving even more energy and money down the road.

New processes reflect new priorities

“Xcel Energy’s first priority is keeping our employees and their families, our customers and communities safe and healthy,” said Jennifer Nielsen, Mid-Market Energy Efficiency team lead, Xcel Energy. “Our free virtual visits are a great way to help business customers discover no- and low-cost energy-saving opportunities. It’s also the quickest way to get them started on energy savings that increase over time.”

“This is the quickest way to get our customers started on energy savings that increase over time.”

Prioritizing actions helps businesses see how small steps can bring significant success

Right now, Xcel Energy staff will conduct free visits with small to medium-sized business customers in Wisconsin. The visit results in a customized report, complete with next steps including:

  •  Low-cost and no-cost recommendations for ongoing savings on utility bills
  •  Ways to create a healthier, safer and more comfortable environment
  •  Personalized solutions based on the customer’s input
  •  Contact information for a dedicated Xcel Energy representative for future help

Some of the most popular upgrades for businesses have been:

  • Upgrading to LED lighting
  • Installing occupancy sensors to current lighting
  • Adding a programmable thermostat to control your HVAC

Take advantage today

To learn more about arranging a free business virtual energy visit for your company, email or call 715-737-2585