Operational Excellence
March 14, 2021

Xcel Energy celebrates Essential Workers Appreciation Week

Kept the lights on and gas flowing through challenging times

Xcel Energy is dedicating the week of March 15-19, 2021 to celebrating its essential frontline workers who have kept the lights on and gas flowing to customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Watch how we are #XEProud in this video.

More than 6,000 Xcel Energy employees have continued doing their critical work in service centers, power generating plants, in the field and other work locations without missing a beat. They’ve adjusted to wearing additional PPE and face coverings; having daily temperature checks; and keeping social distance from colleagues at worksites and in company vehicles.

“I am so pleased that we are celebrating the dedication and commitment of our essential frontline workers,” said Ben Fowke, chairman and CEO. “At a time when many of us have had the ability to work safely from home, our essential frontline workers have adjusted to new COVID-19 protocols and continued to deliver electricity and natural gas services to our customers and communities when they’ve needed it most.”

Severe weather was also a factor

 And if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, our crews also had to contend with a range of severe weather and Mutual Aid events in the past year, including hurricanes, derechos, blizzards, ice storms and wildfires. We have informally thanked our critical workers for their extraordinary efforts throughout the year but are taking time during Essential Workers Appreciation Week to show our gratitude for their commitment, adaptability and resilience.

“We appreciate our essential frontline workers every day, but this year we are thrilled to publicly thank them and honor the fact that they have gone above and beyond to deliver for the company and our customers during this very challenging time,” said Bob Frenzel, president and COO.

The company is hosting COVID-safe events in each of our eight states, providing essential workers with free meals and special thanks for their dedicated service during this time.