Operational Excellence
December 7, 2023

Xcel Energy crews compete at 2023 International Lineman's Rodeo

Highlights from the annual event in Kansas City

When the 2023 International Lineman's Rodeo took center stage in Kansas City on Oct. 11-14, Xcel Energy lineworkers were there to display their skills and teamwork. The annual event, hosted by the International Lineman's Rodeo Association, brings in lineworkers from around the world to demonstrate their prowess in a series of challenging competitions. 
From the awe-inspiring pole climb to the nerve-wracking hurtman rescue, Xcel Energy teams participated in a variety of events designed to test their strength, agility and precision. Each event called upon the expertise required in their day-to-day work. Amarillo’s apprentice lineman Ben Sanchez placed fifth overall and third in the investor-owned utility (IOU) division. Danny Marquez, Patrick Kennedy and Shea Bramlet, also of Amarillo, placed third in the Journeyman Seniors division. 
In addition to the competition, the rodeo is a celebration of the frontline workers who show up every day to ensure the lights stay on, as well as a chance for camaraderie as teams gather to share experiences, stories and expertise. The event provides a platform for lineworkers to engage in educational sessions covering the latest advancements in safety practices, technological innovations and the evolving landscape of the utility industry. Participants have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn from industry experts and enhance their skillsets, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their field. 
This year’s International Lineman's Rodeo concluded with an awards ceremony that honored the top-performing teams and individuals. Beyond the medals and trophies, the event served as a reminder of the integral role lineworkers play in maintaining the backbone of our communities.