Driving Together Toward Cleaner Transportation

Supporters of our electric vehicle vision

Xcel Energy has vision to drive toward powering 1.5 million electric vehicles in its service areas by 2030. As a result of this vision, EVs would make up 20% of all vehicles on the road in those areas, more than 30 times the number today, helping save customers billions of dollars in fuel costs, while significantly cutting carbon emissions from transportation.

Achieving our ambitious vision won’t happen overnight, and we can’t do it alone. That’s why we are working with customers, communities, policymakers and other key players in the electric transportation industry. Together, we can deliver savings and cleaner air for everyone. 

Our electric vehicle vision is supported by dozens of leading automakers, environmental organizations, EV technology companies and more. 

Supportive Companies and Organizations

  • AAA Colorado
  • Alliance for Transportation Electrification
  • Amazon Web Services
  • American Lung Association
  • Aurora Public Schools (CO)
  • Bay Area Rural Transit (WI)
  • Center for Energy & Environment
  • ChargePoint
  • Cheq Bay Renewables (WI)
  • Chippewa Valley Technical College (WI)
  • Colorado Cleantech Industries Association
  • Colorado Energy Office
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis
  • Cummins
  • Denver Metro Clean Cities
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Enel X North America
  • Energy Impact Partners
  • EVgo
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Fresh Energy
  • General Motors
  • Great Plains Institute
  • L3Harris
  • Lyft
  • McKnight Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • Minnesota Department of Administration
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Mortenson Construction
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Northern Colorado Clean Cities
  • Regional Air Quality Council (CO)
  • RENEW Wisconsin
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Siemens
  • Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
  • Sterling Ranch Development Company
  • Sustainable Growth Coalition
  • University of Wisconsin-Stout

Community Supporters

  • Bayfield County, WI
  • City of Alamosa, CO
  • City of Aurora, CO
  • City of Centennial, CO
  • City and County of Denver
  • City of Eau Claire, WI
  • City of Eden Prairie, MN
  • City of Edina, MN
  • City of Faribault, MN
  • City of Northfield, MN
  • City of St. Louis Park, MN
  • City of Westminster, CO
  • Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation (CO)
  • Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
  • Town of Breckenridge, CO
  • Town of Frisco, CO

Here’s what some of our key supporters are saying about how we’re working together on this vision:

Supportive Companies and Organizations

AAA Colorado
“On behalf of our 700,000 members and drivers across the state, AAA Colorado is exceptionally proud to support Xcel Energy’s exciting new vision to build and power the roadways of tomorrow. Over the course of our 98 years of service to Colorado, we’ve always fought to bring about the next big thing in mobility – from numbering the state’s highways to paving the roads to our groundbreaking research as Colorado’s largest traffic safety and automotive research organization. There’s no question that the vehicle of the future will be an electric vehicle, and there’s no better organization to lead the way in getting us there than Xcel Energy. We’re committed to working together to educate Coloradans about how electric vehicles will fit into their individual lives – and how they’ll improve our cherished Colorado way of life.”

-J. Skyler McKinley, Regional Director, Public Affairs

Alliance for Transportation Electrification
“I am delighted with the bold vision and strong leadership that Xcel Energy is demonstrating on electric vehicles. The Alliance believes that our EV infrastructure gap is large and growing based on the large number of vehicle types with larger batteries entering our fleets in the near future. We need an all-hands-on-deck approach to increasing adoption, educating consumers about EV benefits and charging and deploying charging stations and infrastructure in all 50 States. Xcel Energy has been a leader among utilities in the country in designing and pushing forward with pilot programs across a portfolio of approaches and providing these services to its customers. But now is the time to move toward greater scale and scope. And the EV vision announced today by Xcel Energy is a big and audacious goal of 1.5 million vehicles across its states where it provides electric service. There will be challenges, of course, and twists and turns in the road toward achieving this vision. But if we collaborate and work together, we can move forward in an ambitious and timely way on both EVs and a cleaner energy and transportation system that is better integrated. All participants in the EV ecosystem should pledge their best efforts to help Xcel Energy achieve this ambitious goal.”

Philip Jones, the Executive Director

Amazon Web Services

“Amazon Web Services is proud to work with Xcel Energy to develop cloud-based solutions that will advance cleaner transportation and help achieve a carbon-free future. We are working collaboratively with Xcel Energy to develop a machine learning advisory tool to help commercial fleet operators make the case for switching to electric vehicles. The goal of this solution is to help Xcel Energy execute on its vehicle vision for 2030 and make strides in bringing clean energy to the future of transportation.”

-Joseph Beer, Power & Utilities Worldwide Technical Leader

American Lung Association
“Climate change and air pollution are public health threats harming the health of millions of Americans. While everyone is at risk from climate change and air pollution, some people are more vulnerable, including children, older adults, and those living with chronic diseases like asthma or heart disease. And we know people of color and low-income communities – often living and working near busy roadways – experience a disproportionate burden from air pollution and the resulting health impacts. Everyone has a role to play in addressing climate change and ensuring clean air for all. We all must work together to ensure efforts to transition to electric vehicles benefit the communities most burdened by vehicle emissions. The American Lung Association has long championed clean air for all, and advocates for the use of cleaner vehicles and renewable energy and educates people about their benefits. We support Xcel Energy’s vision to power 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2030 and look forward to working with them and other partners to reduce vehicle emissions and develop a cleaner transportation and power system that benefits the health and futures of everyone.”

-Harold Wimmer, President and CEO

Aurora Public Schools

“In alignment with our core values, Aurora Public Schools enthusiastically supports Xcel Energy’s 2030 EV initiative as an impactful community partnership providing vital resources and opportunities for our students and families; among them, a more healthy environment, exposure to emerging technologies and an enhancement to our business practices.”

-  Craig Wright, Natural and Renewable Resources Manager

Bay Area Rural Transit (WI)

“Bay Area Rural Transit is currently working with Xcel Energy on an EV project, and we fully support Xcel Energy and their EV programs.”

-  Patrick Daoust, Manager, Bay Area Rural Transit


“Actions that will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions not only create tremendous economic opportunities but also pave the way to a healthier future for citizens. Xcel Energy’s announcement is yet another example of how organizations are taking significant strides to enable all-electric travel for the masses through key programs and initiatives at the national, state and local level.”

 - Justin Wilson, Director, Public Policy

Cheq Bay Renewables (WI)

“The electrification of the transportation sector is the next big hurdle in our race to mitigate climate change. Xcel Energy, as a national alternative energy leader, has got several things right: we are all in this together and everyone benefits from a clean, stable environment. Cheq Bay Renewables supports Xcel Energy’s bold new Electric Vehicle Vision. There are many pieces to the EV transition puzzle: technologically advanced vehicles, charging infrastructure, carbon free energy, behavioral adaptation, remote and controlled energy storage, off-peak utilization; the list goes on. No one entity can shape all the variables, but each of us can make a contribution. Let’s join hands, share a common goal and figure out how to make this transition together.”

- Bill Bailey, President

Chippewa Valley Technical College (WI)

“At Chippewa Valley Technical College, we recognize the transportation and energy sectors are rapidly coming together as electric vehicles become more prominent in our communities. We embrace the changes and continue to update training for our students, employers and the community. In order to remain progressive, CVTC is in the process of constructing a new Transportation Education Center strongly supported by the spring 2020 referendum vote from members across our 11-county district in Western Wisconsin.”

– Adam Wehling, Dean of Agriculture, Energy & Transportation

Colorado Cleantech Industries Association

“Congratulations to Xcel Energy for championing this significant and forward-thinking initiative on EVs. Xcel Energy’s EV program is a positive example of how a company can take a leadership position in leveraging cleantech in combination with efficiency, cost-effectiveness and innovation. The outcome is a win-win for Xcel Energy’s stakeholders and the environment.”

- Helen El Mallakh, Executive Director

Colorado Energy Office

“As transportation has emerged as the largest source of pollution in our state, and as electric utilities increasingly switch to renewable generation, the State of Colorado has committed to a transition to electric cars, trucks and buses. Switching to electric will clean the air, reduce carbon emissions, and save consumers money at the pump and through their electric bills. Governor Polis set a goal of nearly a million EVs on the road by 2030, but we know we need partnerships with the private sector to get this done. We congratulate Xcel Energy on their ambitious commitments and look forward to working with them to achieve Colorado's electric future.”

-  Will Toor, Executive Director

Colorado Governor Jared Polis

"Cars and trucks are one of the largest sources of pollution in our state, and with our electric utilities increasingly switching to renewable energy, it’s even more beneficial to embrace electric cars, trucks, and buses. Switching to electric will help protect our air, cut carbon emissions, and save consumers money at the pump. I set a goal of nearly a million EVs on the road by 2030, and our partnership with the private sector will get it done. We welcome these ambitious commitments and look forward to working with them to achieve Colorado's electric future."

- Governor Jared Polis


“We are pleased to see Xcel Energy’s announcement of their vision to power 1.5 million EVs in their area by 2030. Cummins has a likeminded aspiration to power customer success through carbon-neutral technologies by 2050, and the only way we will achieve this is through continued collaboration across the industry. Vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions, like battery electric or fuel cell electric vehicles, are critical to forward progress. Utilities have a particularly important role as they enable and support clean energy consumption across the entire value chain through grid decarbonization. We’re excited to see Xcel Energy help pave the way for adoption of technologies that will make a positive impact on our communities.”

 - Amy Davis, President of New Power for Cummins

Denver Metro Clean Cities

“Denver Metro Clean Cities enthusiastically supports Xcel Energy’s new EV vision to power 1.5 million electric cars across the states they serve by 2030. We work with hundreds of individuals and dozens of cities and fleets annually to educate and influence decisions to switch to electric vehicles – from electric bikes to electric school buses and everything in between. Over the past eight years we have influenced the transition to EVs for thousands of vehicles, and in the past year alone our coalition members have reduced gasoline use by over 1.8 million gallons by using battery electric vehicles. We’re excited to find out how high that number can be with Xcel Energy’s new EV vision.”

- Bonnie Trowbridge, Executive Director

Edison Electric Institute

“Investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and accelerating electric transportation benefits customers, the environment and the energy grid. As an industry, we have a tremendous opportunity in front of us to electrify the transportation sector to further leverage our industry’s impressive emissions reductions. Xcel Energy continues to lead by example with its bold vision and as it works to deploy even more electric vehicles across its fleet.”

–Tom Kuhn, EEI President

Enel X North America

“Now more than ever, our homes have become the central hub of our daily lives and with that comes changes in energy usage patterns. Smart charging serves a dual purpose: it affords EV drivers with a convenient mobility solution at home and optimizes charging around grid conditions to keep electricity rates low for all utility customers. We are excited to expand our partnership with Xcel Energy, a true leader in clean energy, electric vehicles and innovative customer services, as the company pursues a 100% carbon-free future and drives meaningful EV adoption in its service territory.”

- Giovanni Bertolino, Head of e-Mobility

Energy Impact Partners

“The electrification of transportation is key to meeting ambitious targets for the transition to a cleaner energy economy. Xcel Energy’s bold vision for electrifying 1.5 million vehicles within their service territories by 2030 will require technological advancements and support from partners. We are proud to be one of those partners and look forward to collaborating around new and innovative ways to help Xcel Energy, their customers, and communities get there faster.”

- Hans Kobler, Founder & Managing Partner


“As America’s largest public fast charging network, EVgo shares Xcel Energy’s vision for a zero-emission vehicle future. Xcel Energy’s leadership on commercial EV rates and other programs that catalyze third party investments in charging infrastructure have made them an important partner as we look to triple our network in the coming years.”

- Sara Rafalson, Senior Director, Market Development

Ford Motor Company

“Ford is committed to making charging EVs easy, convenient and affordable for our customers and supports Xcel Energy’s vision to accelerate EV adoption. Ford is investing $11.5 billion through 2022 in delivering electrification globally and is excited to launch the all-electric Mustang Mach-E this year and an all-electric Transit and all-electric F-150 within two years.”

-Matt Stover, Director of Charging and Energy Services

Fresh Energy

“Transitioning our transportation system away from fossil fuels is a crucial step to slowing climate change and cleaning up our air - both of which disproportionately affect communities of color and under-resourced communities. Xcel Energy’s vision for 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2030 is a call for bold action that we at Fresh Energy applaud. Our long-standing efforts to advocate for and elevate policies that support a transition to electric vehicles, like Clean Cars Minnesota, work in tandem with Xcel Energy’s goal. Together, all Minnesotans can strive toward a cleaner, more equitable transportation system.”

- Anjali Bains, Senior Policy Associate, Beneficial Electrification

General Motors

“In our efforts to accelerate EV adoption, General Motors has several exciting EVs launching soon, including the Cadillac LYRIQ and GMC HUMMER EV, which are in addition to the affordable Chevrolet Bolt EV, which is available now and offers an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range on a full charge. As we accelerate the transition to electric vehicles it is critical for customers to have access to clean, affordable and convenient charging. Programs like Xcel Energy’s can help increase customer confidence in all three aspects of EV charging.”

- Alex Keros, Lead Architect for EV Infrastructure

Great Plains Institute
“Multiple studies demonstrate that electric vehicles combined with well-designed utility programs can save money for consumers, offer health benefits through cleaner air, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and benefit the economy. We commend Xcel Energy for its bold vision, for the many practical steps already taken to shape its transportation electrification programs and rates, and for Xcel Energy’s work to gather stakeholder input serve its various customers. As a supplier of increasingly low carbon electricity, Xcel Energy has the opportunity to not only contribute to decarbonization of the electricity sector but to the transportation sector as well. GPI looks forward to working with Xcel Energy and other stakeholders to help make this vision a reality in the next decade.”

- Brendan Jordan, VP Transportation & Fuels and Director of Drive Electric Minnesota


“Xcel Energy support has been critical to the development of the Twin Cities Electric Vehicle Community Mobility Network. Beginning in 2021, this project will deploy 150 shared electric vehicles powered by renewable energy, with a focus on improving transportation options in low-income and diverse communities. I applaud Xcel Energy’s ambitious vision to make the benefits of electric vehicles, including cleaner air and lower transportation costs, more accessible and affordable for everyone.”

- Paul Schroeder, CEO

McKnight Foundation

“We applaud Xcel Energy’s ambitious vision to support a rapid transition to electric vehicles. The transportation sector is Minnesota’s largest source of greenhouse gases and a main contributor to the air pollution that hurts all of us, and disproportionately affects low-wealth and communities of color. More electric vehicles can save Minnesota drivers money on fuel, significantly reduce pollution and reduce the costs of electricity for all consumers. Building on its commitment to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050, Xcel Energy’s additional focus on transportation will significantly aid our efforts to slow down the climate crisis and deliver a just transition to a clean energy economy.”

- Brendon Slotterback, Midwest Climate & Energy Program Officer


“Microsoft and Xcel Energy share a commitment to a carbon-free future and each company has aggressive goals and bold plans to achieve it. Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030 and remove from the environment the carbon the company has emitted since its founding by 2050. Xcel Energy’s goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2030 and 100% by 2050 is the kind of leadership needed to address the climate crisis. Its plan to replace 1.5 million vehicles with electric vehicles will have a big impact on carbon emissions. We look forward to working with Xcel Energy as they drive toward a more sustainable future.”

- Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer

Minnesota Department of Administration

“Xcel Energy’s vision of a cleaner transportation sector is a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality and create jobs. The Department of Administration’s partnership with Xcel Energy to electrify the state vehicle fleet is an example of how such efforts reduce fuel consumption and costs. This type of innovative partnership will help us meet our greenhouse gas emission goals and expand the economy.”

- Commissioner Alice Roberts-Davis

Minnesota Department of Transportation

“Transportation is currently the #1 source of carbon pollution in Minnesota, the US and the world. The State of Minnesota is committed to helping lead the transition to a low-carbon transportation future in a way that benefits the economy and environment for everyone, but we can’t do it alone. Our success will depend on collaboration with partners in the private sector – and the bold vision from Xcel Energy to power 20% of all vehicles in their service territory with electricity is exactly the leadership Minnesota needs to achieve our carbon-reduction goals and reduce air pollution. We share this vision and goal for our state, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation is excited to work with Xcel Energy to achieve it together.”

 - Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Commissioner

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

“Xcel Energy’s commitment to advance electric vehicles in Minnesota and its service area is a smart investment in our people, environment, and climate. Xcel’s bold commitment, along with the MPCA’s recently launched electric school bus pilot project and consideration of clean car standards will help ensure healthier air and significantly reduce climate impacts. To meet or exceed the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse emissions by 80% by 2050, will require collaboration and partnership between business, government, nonprofit and research sectors. I look forward to partnering with Xcel Energy to make this bold commitment a reality.”

- Laura Bishop, Commissioner

Mortenson Construction

“Mortenson is pleased to join with Xcel Energy in supporting clean energy development across the U.S. We are greatly encouraged by this comprehensive effort. New EV infrastructure will benefit entire communities and further support economic recovery by creating jobs at a time when it’s needed most.”

- Mark Donahue, Senior Vice President

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory is pleased to support and be a part of Xcel Energy’s exciting new EV vision. Electrification of the transportation sector is a critical priority in Colorado and other states that Xcel Energy serves. Partnerships are a vital part of NREL’s mission, and we value our growing collaboration with Xcel Energy. This partnership allows NREL to further leverage our world-class capabilities in transportation and help bring critical technology and infrastructure to the marketplace.

 -  Martin Keller, NREL Laboratory Director

Northern Colorado Clean Cities

“NCCC is a proud supporter of Xcel Energy's Transportation Electrification Plan which will make transportation more affordable, sustainable and accessible!”

- Diego Lopez, Executive Director

Regional Air Quality Council (CO)

“The RAQC is fully supportive of Xcel Energy’s plan and looks forward to partnering together in this bold initiative that will provide positive environmental and economic impacts in the Denver front range area as we move toward attainment of current standards.”

- Michael Silverstein, Executive Director

RENEW Wisconsin

“Xcel Energy’s electric vehicles vision is bold, and we are excited to work with them to increase electric vehicle adoption in Wisconsin. We believe in a future where our vehicles are powered by renewable electricity, and we know that fast and efficient steps need to be taken to make that future a reality. Partners like Xcel Energy will help us get to that vision!”

- Jane McCurry, Electric Vehicles Program Manager

Rocky Mountain Institute

“Congratulations to Xcel Energy and their inspiring new EV Vision! Xcel Energy clearly recognizes how critical the next 10 years are to reducing carbon emissions. RMI’s own analysis shows at least one in five cars need to be electric by 2030. And not only will this reduce carbon emissions but will also result in cleaner and healthier air for everyone. At the heart of this transition are customers who benefit from electric cars, trucks and buses that are inherently better and more fun to drive. We support Xcel Energy’s vision and will continue to work to drive the technical, economic, policy and regulatory solutions that ensure EVs are increasingly affordable for consumers and fleets alike, and ensure that EV charging at home, workplaces and at public sites is not only convenient, but also plentiful. Xcel Energy has put a stake in the ground and established a target we all need to set our sights on! This is leadership. Well done.”

-Britta Gross, Managing Director, Mobility


“Xcel Energy is a real leader in transportation electrification with some of the most innovative utility programs we’ve seen anywhere. Siemens has seen how Xcel Energy’s smart charging approach makes it extremely easy for EV drivers to get access to low-cost power that saves them thousands of dollars over their vehicles’ lives. Better yet, Xcel Energy’s program ensures the grid is not burdened during peak times, thus minimizing the need for costly upgrades. Siemens is proud to work with Xcel Energy in our joint mission to electrify transport for both its economic and environmental benefits.”

-Chris King, SVP, eMobility

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

“Accelerating electric vehicle deployment will cut air pollution, improve our health and protect our climate – all while saving billions of dollars. Vehicle electrification is a huge opportunity to save energy. We commend Xcel Energy for its commitment to place 1.5 million EVs on the road by 2030, and we stand ready to help the company meet if not exceed its goal. In addition, we urge other electric utilities in the Southwest to set ambitious goals for EV adoption, and we urge policymakers to support policies and plans to achieve them.”

- Travis Madsen, Transportation Program Director


Sterling Ranch Development Company
“Sterling Ranch is pleased to be partnering with Xcel Energy and their vision toward powering 1.5 million electric vehicle charging stations across the states in which they serve by 2030, helping our residents and their customers save billions at the gas pump and cutting carbon emissions by millions of tons, leading to cleaner air in our communities.”

- Walker Hinshaw, Chief Operating Officer

Sustainable Growth Coalition

“To drive the electrification of our transportation sector forward, it takes leadership from key players like our utilities to help break down gaps and barriers. The business case for electrification is strong – from reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our community’s air quality to cost-savings efforts across supply chains and corporate fleets. But to get us there, we need to collaborate and advocate for meaningful change. I am appreciative of the amazing leadership from Sustainable Growth Coalition member Xcel Energy, working to bring 30 times more electric vehicles to the road in the next decade, an effort that will help us achieve our shared goals for a clean energy future and a thriving circular economy.”

- Amy Fredregill, Managing Director

University of Wisconsin-Stout

“We are very excited about Xcel Energy’s move to help develop electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as its ambitious goal of carbon-free electricity. Xcel Energy’s dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the energy it provides its customers is greatly helping our campus to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality. Without their help, carbon neutrality would be difficult for us to attain, so we are grateful for their leadership in clean energy.”

- Sarah Rykal, Sustainability Manager

Community Supporters

Bayfield County, WI

“We applaud Xcel Energy’s forward-looking electric vehicle initiative and believe it will set a new standard in the years ahead. In Bayfield County, we achieved 100% carbon-free electricity use in our courthouse in early 2020 and believe EVs play an important role for improving our environment in northern Wisconsin.”

-Mark Abeles-Allison, County Administrator

City of Alamosa, CO

“As a rural community, the City of Alamosa is excited to partner with Xcel Energy in its efforts to increase electric vehicles on the road across the State, including rural Colorado!  We appreciate Xcel Energy's commitment to ensuring no area is left behind.”

-Heather Brooks, City Manager

City of Aurora, CO

“Combating climate change requires strong partnerships between the public and private sector and building out infrastructure that facilitates our transition to electric vehicles is a critical step in this process. I am excited to support this initiative by Xcel Energy and hope to see wide spread adoption of EVs in the years to come.”

- City Council Member Juan Marcano

City of Centennial, CO

“Through Centennial’s participation in Xcel’s Partners in Energy Program, our residents have had the opportunity to explore what owning an electric vehicle could mean for them through our EV workshops. Centennial has installed EV charging stations at our City buildings and plans to develop a City-wide EV Action Plan to encourage the use of EVs, which demonstrates the City’s support of Xcel Energy’s energy goals. As Xcel Energy moves toward their 2030 goal, Centennial will continue to be a partner in bringing our citizens better options for energy and the environment.”

- Mayor Stephanie Piko

City and County of Denver

“Xcel Energy’s commitment to transportation electrification will go a long way toward helping Denver reduce emissions from the transportation sector, while ensuring that all of our residents have access to the benefits of electric vehicles. We look forward to a continued collaboration with Xcel Energy to support clean and affordable transportation options.”

- Mayor Michael B. Hancock

City of Eau Claire, WI
“Xcel Energy has been a great partner in helping the City of Eau Claire meet our renewable energy goal. They helped us develop our Electrical Vehicle Roadmap, and we are excited to support a vision of 20% registered EVs in the city by 2030. Xcel Energy’s new EV rates will help the public and fleet owners advance a cheaper and cleaner renewable fueling alternative.” 

- Dale Peters, City Manager

City of Eden Prairie, MN

“The City of Eden Prairie is dedicated to our Climate Action Plan goal of eliminating all community carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve that end we understand the need to forge partnerships with like-minded organizations. Xcel Energy’s EV Vision is one of those partnerships.”

- Mayor Ron Case

City of Edina, MN

“I am committed to lead on climate action efforts and will, with the support of our Council and residents, continue to move toward zero-emission vehicles because it is one of the best strategies we can support to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your company’s vision and potential future partnerships with Xcel Energy on these types of investments in efficient, modern vehicle technologies are good for local communities and good for the American economy.”

 - Mayor Jim Hovland

City of Faribault, MN

“The City of Faribault and Xcel Energy are strong partners in our transition to clean and affordable energy. Xcel Energy has been and continues to be instrumental in helping the City transition its fleet to electric vehicles. We look forward to partnering with Xcel Energy as we build the necessary infrastructure to support the community’s transition to electric vehicles and as we move toward clean and affordable energy that provides economic and environmental benefits for all.”

- David Wanberg, City Planner

City of Northfield, MN

“The City of Northfield recently adopted a Climate Action Plan with a goal to be 100% carbon free by 2040. Transportation is one of the sectors that currently produces carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, which we’ll need to reduce. We have already invested in two EV Level 2 charging stations in partnership with our Rotary Club. One reason this was done was to help provide infrastructure that is needed to support more EVs. We are excited to see Xcel Energy taking action to help bring more EVs to Minnesota, help drivers save money on vehicle maintenance and reduce carbon emissions.”

- Mayor Rhonda Pownell

City of St. Louis Park, MN

“St. Louis Park has long been supportive of the shift to electric vehicles. The city’s Climate Action Plan calls for 100% of new car and 10 percent of new truck purchases by St. Louis Park residents to be electric vehicles by 2030. In pursuit of this goal, the city has replaced several of its own fleet vehicles with electric models; offered events and presentations for residents to learn more about electric vehicles; and continues to build out charging infrastructure. We look forward to partnering with Xcel Energy for further tools to help encourage electric vehicle adoption.”

- Mayor Jake Spano

City of Westminster, CO

“The City of Westminster is pleased to support Xcel Energy’s electrification vision. With Xcel Energy’s assistance, Westminster just completed its first Electric Vehicle Plan, outlining the direction for the City to electrify its fleet, expand its network of electric vehicle charging stations and encourage residents and businesses to increase the adoption of electric vehicles. Xcel Energy’s work holds great promise to help reduce harmful air emissions, including greenhouse gases, reduce fleet costs, increase economic opportunity and reduce costs to residents and businesses. Action by all energy utilities will be critical in the national transition to a cheaper, cleaner form of transportation, and Xcel Energy is leading the way. The City of Westminster is proud to be a partner in this vehicle electrification vision.”

- Paul Schmiechen, Chief Sustainability Officer

Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation (CO)

“Jeffco EDC is in full support of Xcel Energy’s march to 940,000 EVs on the road in Colorado by 2030. As an economic development agency, we know that efficiencies through technology and innovation drive economic growth and opportunity, and this is a prime sector for both. By increasing the capacity for EVs in our community, we are also creating an infrastructure that supports the future of business. From logistics and distribution to advanced manufacturing, all sectors are enhanced through EV infrastructure. Colorado, once again, is leading the way to ensure the health of our economic future and Xcel Energy is the partner we need to accomplish those goals.”

- Jansen K. Tidmore, President and CEO

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

“Over the last several years, we have been working hard to transition toward efficient and clean energy for Minneapolis buildings, homes and businesses. The severity of our climate crisis requires that we also transform how we travel from Point A to Point B. We are thrilled to see Xcel Energy moving forward with significant investments in, and capacity for, electric vehicles in the City of Minneapolis.”

- Mayor Jacob Frey

Town of Breckenridge, CO

“The Town of Breckenridge has goals to reduce emissions from transportation 91% by 2050. We can’t do that alone, which is why we support Xcel Energy’s vision to add and replace 1.5 million vehicles with electric cars by 2030. This is huge step in a broader strategy to clean up our air, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and create jobs in Colorado.”

- Mayor Eric Mamula

Town of Frisco, CO

“The Town of Frisco has set a goal to reduce emissions from transportation 91% by 2050. Xcel has already proven to be a key player in this transition – Frisco is one of the recipients of the inaugural Xcel Energy EV Charging Infrastructure grant. Reducing our Town’s emissions and transitioning to EVs requires partnerships and external support. This is why the Town of Frisco supports Xcel Energy’s EV Vision to power 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2030. This vision is crucial to reduce emissions and reliance on fossil fuels and create jobs in Colorado.”

- Mayor Hunter Mortensen