Shifting Your Energy Use Can Help Create A Cleaner Earth

10 simple actions you can take

The time of day, and the day of the week you use energy, plays a role in how energy is generated and distributed across the grid. And that impacts our environment.

“Demand” is the total amount of electricity needed to supply all of our customers with the power they need at any moment in the day. When demand spikes—usually on weekday evenings—Xcel Energy and other utilities often need to get that extra energy from sources that cost more and rely more on fossil fuels.

By working together to use less energy on weekday evenings, we can help reduce those spikes in electricity demand. Plus, we could use even more renewable energy now and avoid building new power plants in the future. Thanks to customers engaging in our conservation programs, Xcel Energy has been able to avoid building 21 new power plants in the past 20 years. Every little effort adds up!