This LED retrofit brings innovation to light

How many managers does it take to change a light bulb? Noble Conservation Solutions believes, the more, the better

Could you ever imagine a company meeting where the owner, a marketing manager, the facilities and maintenance director, a manager of employees and human resources manager, the financial manager, and events director would all be at the table to discuss lighting? It happens when high impact LED lighting is the topic of discussion.

As energy efficiency experts for commercial buildings, Noble Conservation Solutions has been at the table for these discussions and implementing projects for a dozen years across 23 states. Ron Mandelbaum, VP of Business Development, says, “We offer a very transparent turnkey solution built around an accountable, process-driven approach.  It’s a step-by-step consultative method.”

1. Energy audit - to determine how energy is being used within a structure or grouping of buildings.
2. Assessment – get an overview of energy needs
3. Design – create a plan to reduce energy use
4. Solutions – prioritize best approaches
5. Spec out product – source all equipment
6. Vet the proposal – analyze the package
7. Project management – Noble Conservation Solutions manages its crews to complete the project
8. Administer the rebates – Noble handles all the paperwork

As a single point of contact, Noble can provide a high level of accountability and transparency. They identify money and savings opportunities and can keep a project basic or take it further.

Noble also has a payback savings model which helps customers envision all the possible elements that are part of the total savings equation:
• the actual energy saved – the estimated electric kilowatt savings monthly
• utility rebates – the cash discount provided upon installation by the electric provider
• tax incentives – these vary by state but may also include local municipality programs
• maintenance savings – the longevity savings of new equipment

Mandelbaum continues, “we find that the conversation seems to start with cost-savings yet often ends with an extended discussion on the emotional impacts of lighting.”

The Age of LEDs

Industry trends are revealing that we have reached the Age of LEDs. And by that, there’s generally a wider acceptance and understanding of the LED technology.

Mandelbaum quips, “It’s no longer a matter of “if” you should install LED lighting, but more a matter of “when” and then deciding what design.”

Why so many areas of a business are now having a conversation about lighting

The age of LEDs is bringing a multitude of lighting opportunities. And everyone is coming to the table.
Right now, there is a unique moment of low equipment prices combined with high utility rebates and incentives. It’s an ideal time for lighting retrofit that can provide a better quality of light and lower operating costs. Another consideration is to incorporate all-new fixtures for your workspace for an improved look and feel. In many cases, the ideal is a combination of new lighting fixtures to maximize a look or light level in critical spaces of a building and then a more cost-effective retrofit to LED lamps in less visible areas.


Southview Acres Health Care Center near St. Paul Minnesota has almost 250 residents at all levels of the care. They identified the many unique needs of residents, their visiting families, and on-site caregivers and staff. Noble Conservation Solutions brought in LED capabilities like new wireless controls, and the ability to maximize savings through higher “lumens per watt” fixtures.

• The facilities manager wanted long-term maintenance-free service for five+ years
• The head of nursing liked the idea of brighter rooms for clinical care
• The events coordinator loved being able to create different setting and moods for multi-function rooms that rooms could be dimmed for movies and presentations or changed wirelessly for worship services
• The marketing director saw the potential of a redesigned bright and inviting lobby lighting along with more brilliant and safer exterior lighting to make the building more attractive to visitors
• Therapists valued how the improved lighting and daylight setting could help uplift and calm the moods of patients.
• The nursing staff liked being able to manage over the bed lighting for minimal disruption during night-time rounds
• The owner and CFO saw the potential for cost-savings and strong ROI from this capital improvement to the building


Quality Metals is a fourth-generation family-owned St. Paul, Minnesota business specializing in providing top quality sheet metal and precision manufacturing. Pride in craftsmanship and superior customer service is an integral part of their brand.
Their recent update to LED lighting has benefited the production area where large cranes and laser cutters are used across multiple shifts. Also, the warehouse area now features motion-sensing devices that maintain a 20% light level until activity is sensed, and full power lighting is provided. It’s interesting to note that LED lamps are not subject to wear by turning on and off repetitively. The savings are substantial. The lighting upgrades have proven out beneficial in several ways:
1. The production/manufacturing area has seen improved safety levels, and the warehouse is expecting less picking errors.
2. Productivity across the facility has been enhanced
3. Employees note improved morale
4. Security cameras used to monitor the parking lot, and entrances can provide more explicit images
The bottom line: LED lighting offers soft yet tangible benefits with hard dollar quantifiable savings….and that’s a winning combination everyone around the table can agree on!