Environmental Leadership
April 20, 2023

Earth Day 2023: Simple, affordable ways to maximize your energy efficiency

Reduce carbon emissions and energy use with tips, services and rebates.

Each year, Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect on the environmental impact we all make. Whether large or small, energy efficiency efforts are a powerful way to make a difference, and Xcel Energy is here to help customers take action. 


With our numerous programs offering rebates and incentives for energy improvements, you can lower monthly energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint for many months to come an Earth Day promise that benefits us all!  


Here are some ideas for how to get involved: 


Get started with some no-cost basics 


Everyday energy efficiency actions can easily become helpful habits in your life. From the kitchen to the laundry room, and even at the workplace, there are simple behaviors that can become routine and make energy efficiency second nature. Discover our list of Quick Ways to Save Energy at Home to start your energy-savings journey today.  


Go further with next-level energy savings  


Consider going deeper into energy-saving opportunities by exploring rebates that can reduce the cost of replacing or upgrading to new, more efficient products. Smart thermostats, insulation, airflow and even strategic tree planting can all enhance your energy efficiency efforts. 


Xcel Energy can connect you with a wide array of rebates to help you make the most of upgrades to lighting, water heating, heating and cooling management, insulation improvements and air-sealing projects. These small steps can provide long-term energy efficiency and cost savings.  


A bright DIY idea: Get instant LED discounts  


Enjoy immediate savings with our instant LED bulb discounts found at many retailers. Enter your zip code to find participating stores and bulb recycling locations near you and use at least 75% less energy than with incandescent bulbs. 



Get help with energy bills and energy savings 


We understand how unstable energy prices affect our customers. Our Energy Assistance Resources are here for you. Qualified customers can get help paying energy bills and also learn about special home energy savings services, including free weatherization programs. 


Watch your energy efficiency efforts pay off 


Whatever the size or scope, energy efficiency tasks can provide both immediate and long-term benefits to your home and our environment. Check out the impact you make when you contribute to a clean-energy future: