Customer Experience
September 20, 2018

LED lighting upgrade: big impact for small business

Brighter lighting helps baking and customer satisfaction

A new LED upgrade at The Noshery in Denver makes these fresh, made-from-scratch tasty treats easier to see.

Always trying to be aware of and act on sustainability efforts like recycling and composting, The Noshery wanted to look into energy efficiency. So first, they completed an energy audit to learn how they could be saving energy and spending less dough.

“Our energy efficiency advisor was a breath of fresh air,” comments, The Noshery’s owner, Andrea Knight. “He walked me around the entire building, inside and out to provide a comprehensive view of energy savings opportunities. An LED lighting upgrade was the obvious answer.”

Old fluorescent lights in the kitchen and customer seating area were replaced with energy efficient LEDs. On the outside, LED wall packs were added to brighten up the entrance and rear exit. Customers appreciate the cheerier environment on the inside and safer setting on the outside.

In all, the LED Lighting upgrade is estimated to save them 10-15 percent on their monthly bills.

Now they can focus on baking amazing cakes, an assortment of breads, and popular muffins and rolls, along with serving coffees and espressos in brighter more welcoming lighting. Plus they can rest assured knowing they’re operating more efficiently. Learn more about Xcel Energy’s rebate and efficiency programs by watching their story here:

For more information about Xcel Energy’s rebate and energy efficiency programs available in your area, contact an energy efficiency specialist at 855-839-8862, or visit