Operational Excellence
May 23, 2023

When it comes to your energy needs, we are ready for summer weather

As temperatures rise, Xcel Energy is prepared to serve customers with reliable, affordable energy

Long before summer arrives, Xcel Energy works to ensure its power generation and delivery systems are ready to meet customers’ needs as temperatures rise. It also works with regional electrical grid operators to prepare for summertime challenges that could affect electric service. These include extreme weather events such as soaring temperatures, damaging storms, drought, wildfires and other scenarios.  

“Xcel Energy is prepared to serve our customers reliably this summer,” said Scott Sharp, SVP, Energy Supply. “We continuously monitor weather forecasts, electricity supply projections and other factors to ensure reliability and minimize the risk of disruption for our customers during periods of peak demand. Our crews are also ready to respond safely and quickly when spring and summer storms cause outages in the communities we serve.”  

In most states it serves, Xcel Energy partners with other energy companies in organizations that manage the larger regional energy grid. Regional grid operators constantly balance electricity supply and demand across a larger region with more options to meet customer needs. The company plans ahead to meet higher demand with electricity it generates at its own power plants and electricity available from the larger regional grid if needed. In an emergency, a regional grid operator may request that Xcel Energy and other energy companies reduce energy use on their systems through controlled outages to support reliability on the larger grid. The company does not expect to have to conduct controlled outages this summer and would only use them as a last resort to avoid widespread or prolonged outages.  

If called upon to reduce energy use, the company would first encourage its customers to conserve energy. It would also decrease energy demand by activating energy conservation programs for residential and commercial customers who have signed up for them.  

Smart energy choices to keep your energy bills low and your spaces cool 

For residential customers, small changes in your energy routine can save money this summer and all year long while also helping reduce demand on the grid. Here are a few simple ideas: 
  • Turn your thermostat up a few degrees if possible. 
  • Avoid using major appliances between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. 
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and unplug unneeded appliances and electronics. 
  • Sign up for our voluntary energy saving program Savers Switch
  • Discover even more energy-saving tips on our website.  
Commercial customers can check out the many programs and rebates available to them, too.